Play with us in the green

Replace the gym on a park lawn !!!
Join the Zumba classes, nordic walking, cross body or a healthy spine
carried out by professionals.

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Picnics all the parks

The initiative aims to show that the urban greenery can picnic and outdoor activities
together with family, friends or neighbors.
June 12 in many parks will be held smaller and larger picnics integrating local communities.

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Action Redemption Our Parks 2

New edition action educational entertainment “redemption of our parks.”
The aim of the action is on the one hand to promote among dog owners responsible attitude and mobilizing to systematically clean up after their pets, on the other hand encouraging residents to an active holiday in the green.

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Stroll, exercise, sightsee, relax…. With your family, friends, neighbours and/or your pet.


Discover the mysteries of your green area and learn where you can spend your free time at ease.


Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in an interesting event or initiative.

About the project

As part of the Cracow in Green project a number of events are held this year that aim at activating the residents of Cracow and attracting them to parks. We want parks to regain their past role of centres of social life where the residents are actively engaged, and their social bonds with neighbours are rekindled. But not only that.

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